We are currently undertaking a once-in-a-generation change-over.

At the time of this post being written, we are looking to hire a new Service Manager, New Vehicle Sales Manager, and a Parts Manager. And we could be looking for a Body Shop Manager this year as well.

The need for this managerial change is due to retirement! We have a collective years-of-service in excess of 110 years with the four managers that are looking to retire this year.

That is an incredible display of loyalty to our dealership, and we are incredibly humbled and thankful for all their years of service helping our wonderful customers and guiding our staff.

This change now allows us a rare opportunity to do a full overhaul of our business. We are looking to modernize. General Motors is on an incredible trajectory of innovation with their impending electric vehicles. They want to modernize for the future, and that tracks down to our operating and business processes as well.

This is an incredibly exciting time. And these are incredibly exciting opportunities for individuals that want the challenge of joining us on this modernization journey.

We are looking for people who are not afraid of change. We want managers that have the soft skills of leadership, empathy, compassion, and care. But who want to hold staff accountable to perform at their highest levels.

We are looking for true champions of innovation and customer service. Who want to help disrupt the car buying and servicing experience in Thunder Bay.

If technology excites you and change-leadership motivates you, we are the place you want to work at.

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