GM announced in January that they plan to eliminate tailpipe emissions from new light-duty vehicles by 2035. That is an enormous announcement! Additionally, they plan on being carbon neutral by 2040.

So how are they going to do that you might be wondering?

The goal is to be carbon neutral in global products and operations by 2040. To reach this, GM plans to decarbonize its portfolio by transitioning to battery electric vehicles or other zero-emissions vehicle technology (possibly hydrogen?). GM also plans on sourcing and using renewable energy as well as leveraging minimal offsets or credits.

While all that is great, it is the vehicle electrification thing that has us most excited!

Mary Barra discusses GMs EV plans. (Photo by Steve Fecht for General Motors)

GM plans on offering 30 all-electric models globally by the middle of THIS DECADE. 40 percent of GM’s U.S. models (what we get) will be battery electric vehicles by the end of 2025.

To make this happen, GM is investing a whopping $27 billion in electric and autonomous vehicles in the next five years!

The plan is to be able to offer an electric vehicle for every customer, from crossovers and SUVs to trucks and sedans. The plan is not to make these premium-only products that are priced out of the mainstream. Consumers across all levels of market segments should have price-point access to a GM EV.

On our end at the dealership level we are starting to invest in these projects this year. We will be doing evaluations on what we require from an infrastructure level and making those additions, hopefully, before the end of the year.

This is an industry-shaking couple of years coming up. We’re excited and hope you’ll join us on this journey!