As the year draws to a close, we wanted to take a moment to say thank you:

Thank you to our staff, who have been absolute champions of adaptation and understanding.

Thank you to our customers, who have continued to show the unwavering loyalty to our dealership and brands.

It truly is because of both groups that we continue to be where we are today. 2020 has been challenging. Challenges all of us, regardless of our jobs or industry or situation, we never thought we would have to face.

When things started in January and February it looked to be a good year. We came out of 2019 strong. Our staffing situation was consistent. Our sales were meeting or exceeding our expectations.

Then came along March.

And everything that we thought we were ready for, we realized we were not.

March and April were desolate. The city was shut down. The streets were empty (none the more obvious than when we pull out of our dealership by turning left onto Memorial; usually that’s a bit of a game of chicken, but for those two months… you could do it almost blindly without looking).

We had to adapt our business practices. Sanitize everything, all the time. Limit access to the building. The shuttle was shut down, our services were compromised, and we couldn’t assist you as well as we waned too.

But through it all, both our staff and our customers, showed patience, understanding and a willingness to help. This was evident throughout the city at every level; at every shop.

The summer saw a more ‘normal’ routine, but then the second wave hit and now we’re right back where we were. It’s hard, but we’ve learned, and we all have experience, and we’re all working on it together, again.

Thank you to our customers for your support. But also thank you for supporting the community. We know that many of you made an effort to shop local for Christmas. Many of us all supported our badly hit local restaurant scene (and witnessed some incredible ingenuity out of this enterprising industry).

We sell and service vehicles, but it takes a healthy, successful, and happy community in order for us to flourish. So, we thank all those, our customers or not, our staff or not, who helped make Thunder Bay a place that has survived 2020.

We also give our thoughts and condolences to those who lost loved ones this year. It has been a year of unexpected loss for many.

As we close out this year and look towards 2021, we are all hopeful. We wish you a very Happy New Year and ask for your continued support in the public health measures that will help return us to a more recognizable state of normal. Then hopefully we can see you all again next year, not only at the store, but at the golf course, or at camp, or anywhere else that we like to have fun and be social.

Thank you once more, Happy & Safe New Year, and we’ll see you all very soon again.


Badanai Motors