You may have noticed something new in the General Motors world – their logo!

General Motors has redesigned their logo for the first time in more than 50 years! It is a pretty big deal for a well-established and long-standing company to redesign their primary brand recognition symbol.

The Old Logo

This logo has been recognizable for decades and you could argue why change it?

GM is going through an automotive revolution currently. Their plan is to be the leader in the electric vehicle market. And to help symbolize this shift in direction, a new visual representation was needed.

The new logo features a colour gradient of vibrant blue tones. It is intended to evoke the thought of the clean skies of a zero-emission future that GM is working towards with the electric vehicle plans (more on that in a future post).

The logo was designed around the future that GM is betting on: their Ultium battery platform. The rounded edges and lower-case font create a more modern, inclusive feel and is meant to represent the energy of the Ultium platform.

The underline of the “m” connects to the previous GM logos as well as visually representing the Ultium platform.

And a cheeky nod to the future is the negative space of the “m”. It is the shape of an electrical plug!

We like the direction GM is heading, and we think the new logo is an excellent representation of what they are trying to achieve. While a logo is important for brand recognition, the real importance is in the products.

And we are VERY excited with what we have seen. We’ll be sharing more insights in the coming weeks on the electrification plans that GM has.

Stay tuned and stay plugged in...

Old vs New Logo